In A World Of Compromise, Some Don’t

Odour Science is the number one biocidal company when it comes to Odour Elimination, Sanitisation, Sterilisation and Decontamination!

Chlorine Dioxide is the active ingredients in Odour Science’s line of products. It has been used for decades to ensure quality drinking water and is completely safe for use in Agriculture, Automotive, Cruise Ships, Day Care & Fitness Centres, Medical Clinics, Hotels, Public Buildings, Restaurants.

Any enclosed area whereby sterilisation and decontamination services are required.

All solutions are 100% guaranteed and backed by world class scientists and microbiological experts.

How Does It Work

It utilises a deep-penetrating vapour that permeates throughout the entire area into all porous materials and fabrics, below and behind furniture and into ventilation systems. Chlorine dioxide removes all existing odours and also prevents new odours from forming. It is activated by moisture in the form of ambient humidity, making it extremely easy to use, does not leave behind any type of residue and is safe to use. The systems are packaged in clear plastic clamshells that can be set out in any open area to allow even distribution of the ClO2 vapours.

Chlorine dioxide is the ideal solution for removing mould/mildew odours and all other foul organic or chemical odours from yachts, homes, cars or any other enclosed area.

The Work We Do Matters

We make the world cleaner, safer and healthier. We protect vital resources. Ensure water and energy are available everywhere. Our products and services prevent disease and infection. Keep food supplies safe. Protect the places where people eat, sleep, work, play, and heal. We touch what is fundamental to quality of life: We keep people healthy. We enhance well-being. We provide assurance, so life can be lived fully. We help our customers succeed. Reduce risk and worry. Free them to grow.

How We Work Matters Too

We work with purpose. When there’s a goal, we reach it. When there’s a problem, we solve it. We work safely. Take care in all we do. We strive to do what’s right, what’s fair, what’s honest. We take action together. In teams. Teams made stronger by diverse perspectives. We find inspiration and energy in what we do and how we do it. In growing, learning and celebrating together. In making a difference and serving the greater good.

We are united by our powerful purpose. By the values that guide us in our work. And by the unlimited resourcefulness that helps us solve our customers’ problems. We are Odour Science – and together, we make the world a better and healthier place to live.

What Our Clients Say

We have been using Odour Science for the past 12 months and can say with pleasure and delight that this is a product that really works. Their work on our vehicles has made a significant difference to our business and the way clients perceive our vehicles. I must admit I was a bit sceptical in the beginning but Anil assured me that this product leaves lasting results and really it does. Being in the motor industry for 13 years I have seen a lot of quick solutions and tricks but is only a temporary solution leaving you and your client disappointed in the end. Anil and his friendly team  will definitely be able to eliminate your smelly problem big or small guaranteed! Before you waste your money call Odour Science.

Ivan van der Westhuizen
Ivan van der WesthuizenAutomark ManagerBarloworld Toyota Menlyn

I have come across many different types of sanitising and disinfection solutions. After using the Odour Science’s  biocides, I finally found the ideal solution for me and my family. Odour Science’s biocides is extremely effective and safe in getting rid of many different types of mould, mildew and bacteria in a simple application, and is safe to use almost anywhere in the home or at work!

Jonathan Herson
Jonathan HersonPharmacistSkinfinity

My dealings with Odour Science (PTY) LTD has been a really pleasant experience! Their product is very safe and easy to use! I haven’t had one car that I could not get the old smelly odour out! The product performs really well and always amazes me and everyone else time after time! My clients now have a new car experience in a pre owned vehicle!!! The company’s staff are highly trained and super efficient. They are friendly and very knowledgeable in their field.

David Uys
David UysSales ManagerWilliams Hunt Group

After making use of the Odour Science Vehicle Odour Elimination kit you provided me with, for a few months now, here at Global Autohaus, I thought I would make use of your Room Sterilization Kit.  Your suggestion that it would remove all the smoking and cooking odours in one of my rented cottages, seemed like my best option. I just wanted to let you know that it worked amazingly well and I can now rent out my cottage, odour-FREE. This has saved me, amongst other things, the time and cost of repainting. Thank you for the prompt service.  I will certainly recommend your business and solutions – thus far, all has worked flawlessly. Thank you and kind regards.

Andrew Borwick
Andrew BorwickDirectorGlobal Autohaus